Lost In the Answer

by Contradictions

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released October 25, 2016

Recorded and Produced by Ronnie Scocozza
Mastered by Mike Kalajian
Additional vocals provided by Ronnie Scocozza
Special Thanks To:
Our friends in Lakeside
Our bros in Tribute
Pat Bonnano
Matt Clark the merch guy
Christian Evanko
Mike Cohane
Our brother, Nick Genova
Alex Lord
Joanne Morizet
Taylor Kendrick
Andrew Helpern
Luciano Ferarra
John Rubio
Darene Serino
Our family and friends

Every question possesses a power that was lost in the answer



all rights reserved


Contradictions Poughkeepsie, New York

Poughkeepsie Melodic Hardcore.

Luke Morizet
Frankie Abril
Dan Watkins
Greg Miele

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Track Name: No Name (Remastered)
I can feel every little thing but the pain you left is a permanent sting, condescending into me. And all the pressure halts the blood in my veins my heart is a prisoner and your love is the cage. My life is a series of waves that have mastered the art of pain. And now with every step i take you will feel the stain of my existence. With your hands around my neck, my throat closing in on me.

Movements. This broken down home isn't yours to call home. If this is it then i'd rather be fixed in stone.

The ground you with stowed upon will be the beginning of your downfall. Having your conscience sink into your stomach, buried underneath the ashes of your own existence. I am nothing more then bones encased in skin, nothing more then a metaphor for a human being rotting away as the sun sets. What i built is washed away by the currents of my own reconciliation and i have now realized that god hates me.

I walk these streets with no name, no room to breath. It keeps getting worse and worse for me. I have no name.

What I built is washed away by the currents of my own reconciliation.

God hates me.
Track Name: Wolves
Sleeping alone has never felt this good and no motivation has led me down this empty road. I keep tossing and turning in this bed, the aftermath has served me no purpose. I can't help but feel like I'm meant for more than this, but the lies that have been conjured have no direction.

Now I can see through your disguise, your masquerade can only hide your face for so long, you can't outrun your own fate. Only time can determine who will change.

Now you will see, how you've hurt me (X2)

I'm far from a liar and a cheat. You wanna know what it's like to be me? Watch a wolf kill its prey then you'll know what I mean
Track Name: Answers
I close my eyes in hopes that when I awake the pigments of this fragile frame will have been erased. My life flashes before my eyes and every second that goes by I grow more nostalgic towards my life.

Deceived by the ones that stand beside me. Every one I know has deserted me. I hope you fucking bleed, from the same place where you breathe.

Cast away, I have dug my own grave, (you are nothing, you are nothing), you are nothing more than wasted space and we both know that you can be replaced.

You infest your heart, with waves that crash down, on the blood of the innocent. And every question possesses a power that was lost in the answer.

Every day is the same and every memory of the man I could be will stay with me.

Deceived by the ones that stand beside me, every one I know has deserted me. I hope you fucking bleed from the same place that you breathe.
Track Name: Caged
I am the last undamaged suspect of this world that takes all it can for granted, The sight of, every day, people that have supplanted their morals and their beliefs. Listen to me and you'll see.

I seek truth in this story, you'll see, in the end I was right but I was confined in these walls around me, no stability.

We suppress our words to make sure that we won't offend the world. Lets stop being so fucking correct, step back and see we're all full of insecurities.

I don't ask for much, I don't plead for salvation or wish to succeed. I just want to live in a world where I can just be me.

I've been locked up for too long.
There's no more tongue to bite on.
I have broken free.
No one will ever test me.

I will not be, Caged
Track Name: Curtains (Featuring Christian Evanko)
I remember the days like its been hours, like I'm reliving it over and over, the curtain of death is being pulled over you while you were helpless and cold. I have to live with the thought of your eyes piercing my soul. I don't know who I am, anymore. This shallow grave keeps me afloat inside of this broken home.

You don't know my history if you've seen what I've seen you'd put me out of my misery. I write to you now with shaking hands hoping you watch over me in my time of despair.

I see your face crawling in my dreams, the frightening image of you, you doubting me.

Everything I lack is made up in apathy and this page is getting harder to read. If the hands of God were mine you'd be here and I'd just be a distant though in the back of your mind. And I can't come to the realization that you're gone, you're no longer here to comfort me.

With my final breath I'll scream these words till my voice gives out and my vision blurred. I write to you now with shaking hands hoping you watch over me in my time of despair.